Dr Jonathan Belsey is the Managing Director of JB Medical. He has a professional background in both primary care and public health, and has worked as Medical Advisor and Head of Clinical Development within a UK Health Authority. Over the past 21 years he has overseen the development of JB Medical into one of the foremost marketing consultancies in the country. Using the tools of evidence-based medicine and disease modelling he has evolved approaches to pharmaceutical marketing that meet the needs of an increasingly outcomes-focussed health care environment.

With a proven publishing record encompassing the fields of epidemiology, meta-analysis and health economics, Jonathan is able to bring professional credibility to the programmes that JB Medical devise, ensuring that the end products meet both your marketing objectives and the needs of the target audience. Working as part of the integrated JB Medical team, his input complements our service at every level, from strategic planning to tactical implementation.

Contact Jonathan

E: jbelsey@jbmedical.com

T: 01787 882 900


Tricia Dixon has worked in healthcare marketing and communications for over 25 years, gaining considerable experience across a wide range of disease areas.

Tricia has devised, managed and implemented communications programmes for most major pharmaceutical companies. She has undertaken projects at each stage of the product life cycle, and in a number of cases worked on products for the whole life cycle: from early pre-launch right through to patent expiry. She has written extensively and has produced a wide variety of materials across different media, including clinical papers published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

One of Tricia’s key roles is to ensure that marketing objectives are being met and that we consistently deliver the highest quality of work to our clients. Tricia has considerable expertise in project management, particularly guiding projects through pharmaceutical approval systems.

Contact Tricia

E: tdixon@jbmedical.com

T: 0208 444 8854