NICE is setting the standard for Health Technology Appraisals (HTA) and has significant potential to influence markets beyond the UK, particularly throughout Europe. The Institute has been subject to scrutiny by governments and healthcare providers worldwide and the potential for NICE guidance to impact on product sales is significant. Accordingly, successful outcome of a NICE product review is essential for UK marketing and is likely to positively influence reimbursement decisions elsewhere.

JB Medical offers a complete project management capability in relation to the development of NICESMC and AWMSG submissions. This service includes:

  •          Facilitation and documentation of company task force meetings

  •          Generation of epidemiological rationale for patient group selection

  •          Critical appraisal of product evidence-base to support positioning

  •          Fulfilment of HTA agency’s health economic modelling requirements

  •          Production of fully referenced document for submission

  •          Co-ordination of responses to consultation documents and draft guidance.

Our extensive in-house experience of disease modelling, clinical effectiveness appraisal and health economic analysis provide clients with the complete array of expertise required to develop the most robust clinical and economic case possible for product adoption aligned to your positioning needs.