Within the UK, quality standards in routinely gathered data are improving dramatically, while integrated IT initiatives mean that database linkage allows individual patient journeys to be documented.

Drawing on one of the largest UK primary care databases available (THIN), we can characterise Primary Care consultations, diagnoses, prescriptions referrals and biovariables for any defined patient population of interest to the client. These data can also be anonymously linked through to the Secondary Care Hospital Episode Statistics (HES). This THIN-HES linkage, which is provided to us by Cegedim UK, allows unprecedented definition of patient treatment pathways, resource utilisations, outcomes and health care costs for any defined treatment group.

This data can then be used to populate economic models, inform Health Technology Appraisals (HTA) and/or regulatory submissions, drive a disease awareness publications programme or to support a market access programme. The possibilities of this type of approach are many and all our disease modelling projects are bespoke protocols devised according to the individual customer’s needs.