JB Medical is a UK-based consultancy that uses the tools of health economics, disease modelling and evidence-based medicine to effectively communicate the roles and benefits of pharmaceuticals and medical devices within a cost-constrained health care environment.

The tension resulting from ever-increasing demands upon healthcare systems to provide access to innovative medicines with finite or diminishing resources has established a mandate for value-based decision making. With strict limitations being placed on manufacturers at both a national and local level, it has never been more important to be able to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of new treatments. Appropriate research and health economic analysis must be clearly communicated to key purchasers to ensure identification of resources to drive change in clinical practice and so achieve marketing success.

JB Medical has the experience and expertise to generate appropriate tools to maximise your success, together with effective communication of the results. Whether your objective is to secure Health Technology Appraisal approval for a new product, to maintain share in a mature market or to survive the transition to a generic environment, we can work with you to identify and deliver optimum marketing strategies.

Central to our philosophy is the belief that effective communication of a robust evidence-based message changes clinical practice.